A Presidents Dilemma

ImageObama is in a tight spot over Syria. If he goes along with the deal he has to back off Military efforts (which he doesn’t even have permission yet) and he will look like he can be bullied. If he stands his ground he risks losing support in the Legislature and then Syria will get away with using Chemical weapons. It may seem strange to us why Russia is even involved but Russia is an strong ally of Syria. Russia is why it is impossible for international action to take place because they block any efforts in the Security Council. Putin is playing a game and because he doesn’t follow the rules he looks like he has come out ahead. I also think the op-ed piece written in the New York Times is kind of Putin’s version of revenge for when President Obama met with Russian gay rights groups and that he has spoken out about Russia’s treatment of gays. The article seeks to cause him to lose support among voters and through the voters legislators making an attack unlikely. Republicans and Fox News are not helping as some of the legislators and pundits are praising Putin for standing up and arguing against war and making efforts to paint rebel forces in a poor light. (not that they are saints) What people don’t seem to understand is that Syria is one of Russia’s allies in the area and that they have been arming them for years. Were the United States to get involved in Syria then it would be similar to when we did in Afghanistan. Unlike Russia we have checks and balances that work and in the case of international diplomacy that can put us in a weaker position than other nations. To say that President Obama has screwed this situation is unfair because he is dong what he is supposed to. I guess he could make up a reason to attack them (like they plan on using weapons of mass destruction against us) and then attack and get us into an unnecessary war that effects our diplomacy for years to come, but lets return to the limited no boots on the ground war at hand. If there are any misinformed portions of this post please let me know and I will look into it and post an edit and even change my opinion. I admit I can be wrong.

Picture found at http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/politicalcartoons/ig/Political-Cartoons/Obama-and-the-Red-Line-on-Syria.htm


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