Beck, Bible, Book of Mormon and the Self Fulfilling Prophesy

glenn-beckGlen Beck is a smart man. The problem is that he lives in a world prophesied not in the world as it is. Something you must understand about him is that he examines facts and world events only in the the framework of Armageddon and Christian superiority. You can understand his reports and his predictions only if you understand that a lot of it is based in Christian and Mormon theology. Have you ever wondered why Mormons tend to love to listen to him? He tells them that their prophesies are coming true. (and because he is a very well know Mormon “did you know Glen Beck is a Mormon?”). I recently listened to a tirade from him about Christiane Amanpour. He talked about how she made his life hard when he worked at CNN and said that she hates Jews and that she hates western ideology. She was speaking recently or better ranting about our Syrian chemical weapons problem and she said, “as bad as it is to decapitate somebody,” it is “by no means equal” to death by “weapons of mass destruction.” He freaked out talking about how horrible it would be to die by a beheading. He forgets that as terrifying as it would be to die that way, it is not that painful when compared to a chemical weapon and that a beheading is rather specific and aimed at a specific target, and you are not likely to accidentally chop off the head of a random person in the street when you swing your weapon. Weapons of mass destruction like chemical weapons are terrible because they are like rain, they kill everyone, woman, child, man, dog. Glen Beck has proposed that we let them continue fighting and using chemical weapons rather than intervene. Rather than make sure the precedent stays set that these weapons will not be used. Beck goes on to reiterate that these weapons will be used on Jews in Israel and Christians in the region and hints at the final war before the coming of Christ. To understand Beck you have to know that he does not use political theory or history to make predictions and form the framework to how he sees the middle east. He uses vague religious script and prophecy.


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