Ahhh Young Love

Found at www.thirdoptionmen.org

Found at http://www.thirdoptionmen.org I am the one in the dress watching my friend kiss his girlfriend.

For our discussion on love I thought it would be fun to start with the story of my first love, Adam will be posting the same soon. The reason I think that this is important is because the first time we define love, shows so much about how we feel about love. Mine happened around when I was 16.  For a little while I had a crush on a friend of mine. He was so attractive to me but up to this point it had been a crush or infatuation. It is hard to decide when it became love for me. He was and is straight and because he does not know how I used to feel about him I will be vague as we are still friends. I would listen to his breakup stories about his girlfriends with empathy and a little glee. I never liked anyone he dated… I think that love happened when I started to feel a stronger yearning for him not just the physical. Needing that connection I felt with him. Looking back now it seems kind of creepy and I would not define it as true love because it was not mutual. In fact I didn’t understand well how I felt about him when it first began. I didn’t know men could feel those things for another man. I only came to realize what I felt during conversations with friends, when they would describe how they felt about women. I have had other loves and while I have moved on from how I felt about him I still think that my first experience with love not only taught me a lot but still influences me today.


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