Feminism and the Authority of Mom


Image provided by moreperfect.org

I keep seeing posts in my Facebook news feed discussing the actions of a group of women who want to have the priesthood or the “authority to do God’s will in his name” in the Mormon church. There was the video on the Facebook post, shown below, used as proof of Equality in the church. The video contains a speech by Sherri Dew. My gut reaction when I see these is if they have a problem with that aspect of the church they should just leave. Not because I think they don’t belong but because it is clear to me that they have some serious questions about a very core doctrine of the Mormon church. When I decided that I had issues with certain policies and beliefs I left. I stopped going. I think that fact that they want to fight for this change represents to me how they truly feel about the church, that it is a growing living bride for Christ and not a manikin.

In the nuclear and Mormon family plan the father has the last word and everyone should bend to his will. The temple ceremony is a good example of that. (you can watch it on youtube) Also Polygamy is always that man marrying more than one woman rather than the other way around. Men lead the meetings and have to be there for women meetings and camps because they have the priesthood. This makes women’s salvation dependent on the man. though the man’s ability to achieve the highest reward after this life is based on having a woman, in the end if one doesn’t work out he has many other ones to choose from. After this life Mormons go back to using polygamy. I am even more confused when I see a woman, especially a married woman, defend the church saying that it is equal. The Equal Rights Amendment comes to mind. Mormon women came out in droves to oppose it. It is funny now because many of the protections afforded to women that were applied piece by piece (instead of all at once with the amendment) seem obvious to most of us. They are told to go and make of fool of themselves saying we don’t want these protections allowing for years of legal discrimination of women. It is nothing new. Women from the church went to Washington to plead for polygamy.

What I have to say about the video is this, she talks about a lot of the powerful positions and actions of women in the church through her experience. What she does not say is that all of the action of these women leaders and young women leaders is done under the direction of men. The power given to them is a power to direct other women. They are given no authority over any man. Men however have complete authority over women. The only example I can think of that she gave that had any clout was her example of how they made her president of Deseret Book. However this is a business position and not a religious position. It is still under the direction of male church leaders and one woman with power does not make up for the millions of women without power. The Relief Society presidency along with the Young Women’s Presidency make up a very small portion of general Authorities. There are like 8 of them in total. They are given no authority over any man and there is no comparison to the hundreds of male general authorities. The priesthood session doesn’t even let women enter and men speak at the general Relief Society and Young Women’s meetings. It is fine if you want to believe something like woman are subjected to men if both parties agree but saying it is equal does not make it so.


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