It is said that in polite company you should not discuss politics or religion. I think this is because these are some of the most dividing topics. However If anyone it ever going to be able to understand another person then they need to talk to them about everything. So in this blog I will try and discuss things politely but I will not refrain from topics in politics or religion or anything. I like to promote conversation so please always look at the comment section and post your opinion, but be prepared to defend it.

I am a 26 year old Gay man living in northern Utah. I am intermittently studying journalism at Utah State University and working full-time. I have a family who currently loves me though we may disagree sometimes. (or a lot) I am not religious but I grew up Mormon and even went on a mission to the Dominican republic. I like to know what is going on around me locally nationally or internationally. I would call myself a moderate in most states but here in Utah I am classified a liberal. I don’t side with one party but I usually vote democrat. Which in the red state of Utah is kind of pointless sometimes but I still vote and so should you.


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